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This is no joke tell a joke worthy of publication in Reader 8767 s Digest, you 8767 ll collect $655 for your troubles. Not a bad way to earn $$$!

Make A Plan

The trick is knowing where to look. Looking the wrong spot is an easy way to waste time and get frustrated. Looking in the right spots, over time, will add up with minimal effort.

Make your own biodiesel: Journey to Forever

8. Home-Based Options with – Offering work to the ., Canada and ., Arise is yet another opportunity to trade your time at home for extra $. Explore Arise here: http:///work-at-home/

7. Get an Education & a Good Career – This is probably the best idea on this entire document. If you 8767 re able to turn yourself from a low-wage earner to someone with higher earning potential, you will reap rewards throughout your career. The key to getting started in many careers is eduction, for two reasons. First, for you to actually learn ways of thinking, facts, and general paradigms. But secondly, and this is equally important, to prove to a stranger that you 8767 re qualified for a well-paying position. Many people feel that they are educated and smart, yet they do not have the letters behind their name to prove their abilities to a stranger, business, or organization. If you 8767 re able to get an good education, preferably an excellent one that provides excellent credentials at the end of the tunnel, you 8767 ll be in good shape for a long time.

89. Slash Cosmetic Spending Lots of people put masking and coloring agents on their faces to look nice. Instead of getting caught in the downward spiral of spending on masking agents that actually cause more skin damage, thus requiring even more masking agents, why not just have healthy skin? The easy way to do this is to use silver gel on your acne or blemishes, helping your skin actually heal so that it looks great on its own (without being masked). Structured silver liquid can be misted on several times a day as well for maintenance after the gel 8767 s heavy lifting is finished. Drinking the liquid can help get at root infections that are causing surface blemishes too. Lots of women have reported this to work why not permanently cut your make-up bill? ( and have an easy, beautiful, natural glow!) Savings: Only you know this number.

Sellers are typically paid a set amount per number of mentions or types of actions. Buyers can hire you to give positive, neutral, or even negative reviews. Strange, but true.

69. Park Several Blocks From Your Destination In A Cheaper Spot – Parking costs rise along with demand. Often, by parking just a few blocks away from the hubbub, you can drop parking charges by several dollars. Imagine saving $9 over 75 working days a month. Monthly Savings: $85+

67. Special Event Helper – Look for unusual events in your community (town fairs, once-a-year sporting events, niche conventions, etc.) and then chances are good that someone will need a spare hand. Talk to the organizers (or the facility that 8767 s hosting the event) and you 8767 ll likely end up with a day 8767 s worth of work. Since these events often happen on weekends or in the evening, it fits into most people 8767 s schedules.

7. Sofas in Public Places – Forget trying to find coins in your own couch that trick only works once. Public seating areas, however, are constantly being stocked with fresh coins from the public 8767 s pockets. For best results, look in neighborhoods where there aren 8767 t any street people or others who will already be scanning the sofas for quarters.

8. “Intend” For Money to Appear in Your Life – You know, believe that money will manifest itself and create the mental or emotional readiness for prosperity. This concept is all over the media and the Internet It is a good technique, but is best applied in combination with more nuts-and-bolts techniques. Emotional Readiness + A Pragmatic Approach = Real Results.